A little bit about me

Hiya, again! Here’s the bit where I talk about me – Nina Cresswell. If my Gran asks, I’m a writer. Life’s easier that way. 

But since you’re asking, I’m a Guardian-published journalist, copywriter, copy coach, editor, blogger and content marketer.

I’m punchy, energetic and take to subjects I love like a daffodil-smooshing bumblebee 🐝

Journalism background

I cut my teeth in music journalism, before managing the comedy section for an entertainment website.

My articles had 22.1m views and 1.1m shares in the 10 months I was there. I produced the company’s highest circulating article to date (about call centres, would you believe it). 

Russell Brand and Derren Brown have also shared my work (I’m a name-droppin’, horn-tootin’ scoundrel and I regret nothing).

Marketing experience

From dabbling in adverts, I discovered the world of content marketing – providing sub-editing and writing services for award-winning UK agencies such as Stickyeyes.

After five years of agency experience, generating powerful ideas and copy for brands such as Tesco, ghd and Wedgwood, I founded Writewells in 2017.

Specialisms & clients

I’ve written on a wide variety of topics, but my specialisms include travel, music, health, food and culture.

Clients include: The Guardian, Tesco Bank, Hertz, Homebase, Peroni, Beaverbrooks, ghd, Wedgwood, Waterford Crystal, Staples, LUX, Pharmacy2U and Holmes Place.

Nina Cresswell

I know from running my own show that business doesn’t wait. You can’t sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting for a copywriter to deliver projects when they fancy.

That’s why Writewells is all about highly flexible, never-bland copywriting– and I’ve never missed a deadline.