The storytelling bit...

It was a blazing summer’s day in 2019 when I realised I was writing for all the wrongers. Clients who didn’t spark joy.

“That’s it!” I told my cats, who couldn’t give a shit. “I’m taking some time out to do some extremely dramatic soul-searching!”

[insert cinematic montage of me looking longingly out bus windows listening to Celine Dion]

To spare you the theatrics, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to help creatives like me: people who think differently, give a damn, & want that to show in the words they put out in the world. 

Done with bland, throw-away corporate copy, I inhaled all I could about conscious marketing, meaning management, and the power of archetypes.

By winter, I’d evolved all of my messaging to speak to ONE person… my dream client (she’s called Florence, since you asked). I imagined her every day, then changed my bios, blogs, captions, everything, to speak to her.

I consumed everything she did: podcasts, books, memes, music lyrics, vloggers, Netflix shows & FB groups. It all went into my messaging & work.

Now, if I wasn’t a copywriter this would be creepy as hell. But, come January, SHE APPEARED.

She wasn’t called Florence, but she was my dream client.

I still write for her today and when I do, I lose all track of time.

I feel happy and fulfilled.

I feel like I’m finally using my talents for their intended purpose.

I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not in order to get lovely, regular, valuable leads.

The words literally flow like Poe, baby.⁣

Less than a year later, I now have multiple Florences. I’m a Florence magnet! Seriously, they can’t keep away from me.

And I know why…

I saw her. I spoke to her. I never told her she was lacking anything. I told her she was whole and unique and astonishing as she was. And then I showed her how I could help her express her true, bestest self, with words that spoke to her people. Her very own Florence.

And I can help you do the same.

The impressive experience bit...

I’ve provided in-house writing services for award-winning UK agencies & incredible brands. I’m forever grateful for these experiences, which led me to founding my own one-woman marketing agency, Writewells, in 2017.

Before all of this, I cut my teeth in magazine journalism – interviewing bands, artists and rockstars who shove gummy worms up their… Anyway, I went on to manage the comedy section for a popular entertainment website. With millions of views & shares, I wrote the company’s highest circulating article (about call centres, would you believe). 

The braggy client name-drop bit

Clients include: The Guardian, Tesco Bank, ghd, Zapf Creation, Hertz, Homebase, Disturbia Clothing,  Beaverbrooks, Avant Homes, Wedgwood, Staples.

Other facts about me you definitely didn’t ask for:

My name is Nina Cresswell. My Mam was going to call me Tuesday, but it didn’t make the final cut.

Apparently I was born on a Thursday (I only know this because an examiner announced it during a driving test and I consequently stalled. When I asked him how he knew he told me matter-of-factly that it was “basic arithmetic”).

Anyway, maybe that’s why she plumped with Nina in the end. 

I have two cats. Frida is on a diet and Maya licks walls. I recently got them tattooed on my leg and they think I’m a creep.

When I’m not rattling on a computer keyboard like Kermit the Frog, I’m styling my house like Crinkly Bottom, drinking coffee on my doorstep, creating collage dreamscapes out of old magazines, wild swimming, watching Dinner Date, curating extremely specific Spotify playlists such as Juicy Glockenspiels and Songs with Good Build-ups, sending elaborate voice notes to my best friends’ in which I play various shitty male characters in their lives, cooking crispy gnocchi, raiding charity shops, playing ukelele badly, searching for my alien ancestors, dancing to Boney M, wandering round Morrisons, hoarding books or taking out the cat poo.