Soooo much to talk about right now, People Of The Future. And that’s what we’re in now. The Future.

No flying cars or self-lacing shoes that trot over to you when you call them (Belinda, Beatrice, embellish my hooves immediately!). 

But we do have Google Home – which I currently use for fart noises, finding out who famous people are married to, and timing my poachies perfectly.


2019 will be remembered for: 

  • Killing Eve being the best thing on the telly in donkeys

Villanelle in pink dress

  • the impeachment of an apricot-skinned US president
  • five years more of his British alter-ego in power
  • Baby Yoda 💖

What about 2020? 

What will this year be remembered for, for you?

If there’s one thing the last decade taught us, it’s to expect absolutely anything.

But there’s one thing we do have control over. And that’s our own little corner of the world. 

It’s our thoughts. Our feelings. Our actions. Our goals. Our relationships. Our businesses. Our creativity. Our boundaries. Our dreams.

Last year, I woke up in sheer panic at the nightmare of having to get a ‘real’ job, after an agency I was writing freelance for lost two clients and my income plummeted. 

I read more than ever. Paid thousands for courses, classes and insights from experts. I ploughed everything into reshaping my online business in line with my heart. It was when I worked with the calming, enlightening creative coach Ruth Hoskins that I had the biggest *aha* moments. The biggest was creating a copywriting masterclass for her Chemistry Classroom programme.

ruth hoskins creative coach
Ruth Hoskins – creative coach and actual Earth angel.

I’d never thought I could coach because I had so little faith in myself. I was riddled with Imposter Syndrome – convinced I was a fraud. But after discussing a lack of joy in my creative life (what was once my biggest love, writing, had become a budget pay-per-word monotony) Ruth worked with me to help me see my potential.

She had enough faith in me for both of us – and it was infectious, pushing me into a new creative realm. I started working with clients who I genuinely clicked with – creative women with a burning desire to do more with their talents and, like me, find more freedom in their lives and business.

I’m still copywriting, but my 2020 dream is to help more women create their own authentic words for business. Selling without feeling sleeeeeazay.

I now work with passionate creators who want to succeed with their business by attracting more of the perfect clients.

Who feel overwhelmed when it comes to writing About Mes, blog posts, website copy, newsletters, product pages and thumb-halting social media copy.

Who haven’t figured out how to project the voice in their head into a word document.

This year, I’m taking everything I’ve learnt and breaking it down into The Copy Maven – a copywriting programme for creative women, like you, make more money authentically. 

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Clear your mind & heart so you can reach a place of authentic creation
  2. Discover your unique archetype with your own personal tarot pack, then use its deep psychic power in your messaging
  3. Tune into the deeper, more humanly compelling side of your dream client, making them feel seen in return
  4. Empathise with your dream client by becoming their EOS (Educated Older Sister)
  5. Harness new ideas and tell compelling stories authentically
  6. Make more sales in a conscious, responsible and meaningful way, genuinely addressing the needs of your client
  7. Learn the most powerful writing formulas to shine like a beacon, drawing clients to your light and selling your services without feeling sleazy
  8. Prepare blog and social content for the month ahead using my simple pre-made plan
  9. Kill the fluff and sharpen your words with my editing checklist
  10. Grow your own monster mailing list that does what it’s meant to – sell.

When you unlock all of this, you’ll see why marketing is a deeply influential cultural art form. Even if you’re not a writer, you can harness it with a creative heart. I promise you – it’s a craft you can hone and I’ll show you how. 

The need for personality-led branding today is phenomenal. Start-ups don’t have to button-up to gain trust and your tone of voice should be more than simply “warm and friendly”. 

Likewise, your copy can be more than loose screeds of chattiness. You’re still selling, at the end of the day. So, you need a strategy. You’re not a cliche – so neither should your copy be. 

Of course, you can pay a copy expert to write it all for you

presenter pointing at himself

But crafting your own copy is more empowering, sustainable & will save you thousands and serve you throughout your creative life. 

Be yourself on purpose

What you create mirrors who you are and words can project that more than any other art. 

I’ll be launching my course in the first quarter of this year and I can’t wait for you to see it. Be the first to hear about it – and nab introductory STEALS – by signing up to my mailing list.

If there’s one thing you can control this year – it’s the messages and energy you send out into the world.

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cat birthday cake fail

Happy New Decade, Past, Present & most of all, FUTURE YOU.

Love Nina x