Conscious copywriting services

Are you lost for words?

I can help you – a creative business owner – to find the exact right ones.

To build relationships.

To make more sales.

To get all eyes on you.

It’s my job to cut copy to the bone – no hot air, no flab. 

My punchy, energetic style captures readers’ attention & makes them hang around – like a friendly tour guide for your website.

My conscious copywriting services include:

Website copy 👩‍💻

We’re in the middle of a digital revolution. Let me give your website words that light you up & show off your stuff with benefit-led descriptions, lightly weaving in keywords for SEO-power.

Blog posts 📝

I’ll hatch a plan for your blog content, finding topics your customers are actually searching for – either on Google or deep in their soul. I’ll show off your industry know-how & craft every sentence immaculately.

Email series  💌

Got a campaign? Open-rates soar with my subject lines. Once inside, I project your personality with a strong message and compelling CTA that makes customers click and journalists tick.

Social media 📱

My social media strategies will get you seen. Whether you need sparky Instagram posts that lead to DMs or high-converting Facebook ads, let’s get those conversations started.

Brand voice 💡

I present brands in ways readers can understand. Using Jungian psychology, we’ll manage your meaning & express it with a voice that sounds like you and draws clients in.

Audits & edits 🤓

Spelling mistakes, incorrect tenses, missing words and waffle for days – I’ve proofed and edited it all. I can help you clean up and cut down your copy, without losing your core content.