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It was a blazing summer’s day in 2019 when I realised I was writing for all the wrongers.

Clients who didn’t spark joy.

“That’s it!” I told my cats, who couldn’t give a shit. “I’m taking some time out to do some extremely dramatic soul-searching!”[Insert cinematic montage of me looking longingly out bus windows listening to Celine Dion]

To spare you the theatrics, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to help creatives like me: people who think differently, give a damn, & want that to show in the words they put out in the world. 

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Done with corporate copy, I inhaled all I could about conscious marketing + brand archetypes.

By winter, I’d evolved my messaging to speak to ONE person… florence.

I imagined her every day. I changed my bio, blog, captions, everything, to speak to her.

I consumed what she consumed. I hung out where she hung out. Podcasts, books, memes, lyrics, TV shows & FB groups – I absorbed it all.

Now, if I wasn’t a copywriter this would be creepy AF. But, come January, FLORENCE APPEARED. She wasn’t called Florence, but she was my dream client.

I still write for her today and when I do, I lose all track of time.I feel happy and fulfilled.
I feel like I’m finally using my talents for their intended purpose.
I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not to make sure I can pay bills.

The words literally flow like Poe, baby.⁣


nina cresswell writer

Who is your florence?

Less than a year later, I regularly help multiple Florences – and get paid for it. I’m a Florence magnet! Seriously, they can’t keep away from me.
And I know why…
I saw her. I spoke to her. I never told her she was lacking anything. I told her she was whole & unique & astonishing as she was. And then I showed her how I could help her express her true, bestest self, with words that spoke to her people.

Her very own Florence.
And I can help you do the same.

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the highs & lols of my career


Graduate in magazine journalism (1st, baby)


Sign on the dole


hard work pays off! After 1 godforsaken year in call centre, I write for music mags, comedy sites + clothing brands


Content manager at boutique marketing agency for 2 years


Senior writer at award-winning digital agency, creating copy for world’s biggest brands


Writewells is born! my one-woman agency. first clients include the guardian, homebase, hertz + avant homes.


I reinvent writewells, learning everything about on conscious marketing + brand archetypes.  I tailor my fresh outlook, strategies + messaging towards creatives + coaches, landing the loveliest clients i’ve ever had as a result.


I launch The Copy Drop to help even more personal brands with their marketing.  This is “THE” way of working with me now. Expert copywriting, fraction of the cost. 

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more facts about me you definitely didn’t ask for

who am I?

My name is Nina Cresswell. My Mam was going to call me Tuesday, but it didn’t make the final cut. Apparently I was born on a Thursday (I only know this because an examiner told me it during a driving test & I consequently stalled).

my clients

I’ve been lucky enough to provide copy for some of the world’s biggest brands. Including: The Guardian, Tesco, ghd, Zapf Creation, Hertz, Homebase, Staples, Beaverbrooks, Avant Homes, Wedgwood & Waterford Crystal.

My cats

I have two cats, thanks for asking. Frida’s on a diet & Maya licks walls. Some would say I’m obsessed (I have them tattooed on my leg) & they would be right. When I’m not rattling on a laptop keyboard like Kermit the Frog, I’m pestering them.

my loves

Coffee on my doorstep, styling my house like Crinkly Bottom, creating dreamscapes, wild swimming, charity-shop-raiding, Dinner Date, curating extremely specific Spotify playlists, doing impressions on voice notes & playing ukelele (badly).

wanna join the copy drop?

While I’ll try to be cooler than the other side of the pillow, I really do get very excited to meet new members. So, subscribe, grab your templates, and get your time back.